Skin Salve

If you’ve ever struggled with acne or other skin issues, I’m sure you can relate to the embarrassment and feelings of self-consciousness of facing the world with your face, or hiding your face behind your hair (I became an expert at this, which I’m sure only exacerbated the problem). I had skin problems for years, from the time I was 14 well into my thirties. It was frustrating, and nothing seemed to provide a long-term solution-prescriptions, creams, I tried everything and spent a lot of money in the process. A few years ago, after research, experimenting, and being completely fed up, I became determined to find a solution that would incorporate using more natural products and methods to address the issue from a more holistic approach.

Consumerism and the pharmaceutical industry tell us we need to buy or subscribe to the latest and greatest, but I figured, like most things, there’s probably something that works better and costs less that people don’t tell you about. Finding and sticking to an all natural skin care regime has changed my life (and my skin) for the better, so I feel compelled to share some of these discoveries with anyone else who might be interested.

I discovered this soap at a craft fair on Jekyll Island in Georgia, it’s homemade, all natural, and costs $8. I still order it, and probably pay more in shipping than the actual cost of the soap, but it’s worth it! I also feel good about supporting a small business rather than a big corporate entity. This exfoliating soap works well to use on occasion as well:

Shea Terra Organics also has an all natural African Black Soap that’s great at evening skin tone and clearing skin.

Homemade toner-after reading and learning more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, I came across a recipe for a homemade facial toner. Apple cider vinegar can balance pH levels in the skin, and has antiseptic qualities. Take a 3 ounce bottle, add a solution of half apple cider vinegar, half water (use purified or distilled water, not tap), and add 10 drops of tea tree oil. This can be a little strong and drying if you have sensitive skin, so I usually only use it a few times a week but have noticed a huge difference in my skin.

Andalou Naturals-While catching up with a friend awhile back who’d previously had some skin issues, I noticed how clear and glowing her skin looked and asked what she’d been using. She told me about Andalou, they use certified organic and nature derived ingredients, and I’ve been a big fan ever since.  This moisturizer works well if your skin tends to be on the oily side: and I’ve liked everything else of theirs I’ve tried. You can purchase some items on Amazon or in natural health food stores, see this link to locate:

Oil- I was skeptical, as my skin already seemed to have plenty of oil, but I read this and decided to give it a try. Since my skin is already oily, I only do this once or twice a week.  After cleansing at night,  I rub a few drops all over my face. Use sparingly, and make sure to buy pure, cold-pressed jojoba oil, which can be found in most health food stores.

This process of determining what works best for your skin can be lengthy and involve a lot of trial and error, everyone will respond differently to different products and methods, but sticking to an all natural regime has worked better and been much more cost effective than any pill, cream, or drugstore product ever has. There a big connection between the ingredients in what goes on (and into) our bodies and our overall health, so take some extra time and care to make sure they’re high quality.

Here’s a scary picture of me wearing no makeup, I even occasionally leave the house without makeup, something I wouldn’t have even considered just a few years ago. Now to address wrinkles….:)



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